The New Artificial Self-Selection...

People disappearing from the universe forever.
Don't let this counter count you!

     All These People and All Their Relatives - from May 2013 (when it was already possible and knew about it, for example, in Google and Facebook (from Yuri Milner received our materials in April-May)) - Didn't Consider it Necessary to Preserve:
- Their Eternal Pages-Profiles,
- Their Very Important Public & the Secret Files, and
- Their Analog Parts of Human's Complete Master Code / Master-code® (Full Natural Genome Sample).

Now - They All Disappeared from the Universe - Permanently!

That is - Irrevocably! That is - For Ever and Ever... And That's Why This is: The New Artificial Self-Selection!

     Money? NO!! NO!!! AND NO!!!! It wasn't worth the money!

But, yes - all those are right - who say that - since 2013, the Giants of the IT Industry have collected From all these disappeared people... and spent several trillion dollars, but they have not spent a single cent on saving of these humans Which Humanity already Will Never Be Able To Return... Only - the Gods!... But we have already gone through all this... many times ...

Who is guilty? Yuri Milner - who used the Important information only in his own interests and did not understand the consequences for himself?? Sergey Brin? Mark Zuckerberg? Or, may be - Larry Page :) No, of course not! They are all normal One-timers... Born and died ... As All - One time... Forever!

But,.. now... The Time and The People - The Users & Customers of the New Book - of the "Book of Humanity" - Will Judge Everyone and Everything on Their Eternal Pages! Now this is inevitable! And will touch everyone! Now everything will change! TOEVERFOREVER!© I.J.B.

Two minutes of very touching and sincere Video
-=About The Future=-
which will change this world forever


Please, after watching - Come back as soon as possible in the United Humanity Book! A lot of work awaits all of us on its pages - so that the counter above does not count us, our parents, and loved ones!
Big Thank You!