The New Artificial Self-Selection...

People disappearing from the universe forever.
Don't let this counter count you!

     All These People and All Their Relatives - from May 2013 (when it was already possible and knew about it, for example, in Google and Facebook (from Yuri Milner received our materials in April-May)) - Didn't Consider it Necessary to Preserve:
- Their Eternal Pages-Profiles,
- Their Very Important Public & the Secret Files, and
- Their Analog Parts of Human's Complete Master Code / Master-code® (Full Natural Genome Sample).

Now - They All Disappeared from the Universe - Permanently!

That is - Irrevocably! That is - For Ever and Ever... And That's Why This is: The New Artificial Self-Selection!

     Money? NO!! NO!!! AND NO!!!! It wasn't worth the money!

But, yes - all those are right - who say that - since 2013, the Giants of the IT Industry have collected From all these disappeared people... and spent several trillion dollars, but they have not spent a single cent on saving of these humans Which Humanity already Will Never Be Able To Return... Only - the Gods!... But we have already gone through all this... many times ...

Who is guilty? Yuri Milner - who used the Important information only in his own interests and did not understand the consequences for himself?? Sergey Brin? Mark Zuckerberg? Or, may be - Larry Page :) No, of course not! They are all normal One-timers... Born and died ... As All - One time... Forever!

But,.. now... The Time and The People - The Users & Customers of the New Book - of the "Book of Humanity" - All Will Go Together Further and Will Judge Everyone and Everything on Their Eternal Pages (without exceptions and excuses)! Now this is inevitable! And will touch everyone! Now everything will change! TOEVERFOREVER!© I.J.B.

Two minutes of very touching and sincere Video
-=About The Future=-
which will change this world forever


Please, after watching - Come back as soon as possible in the United Humanity Book! A lot of work awaits all of us on its pages - so that the counter above does not count us, our parents, and loved ones!
Big Thank You!