Inviolable ASSETS



We offer the world's first eternal personal page of absolutely each of earthlings that will be saved in THE HUMANITY BOOK - forever - throughout the history of Humanity. After the formation of this first international detachment - the formation of the book of humanity will continue in the range: at a price - up to 10 times less - but - to be in the squad of the golden billion forever - will give the user dozens of unique preferences. The platform is open to everyone. The price of page number one is $ 10,000,000,000, and page 10,000,000,000 is $ 1. Keep in mind that with page resale enabled - all pages in the golden billion range can increase significantly in price! Attention! The number of pages purchased by one administrator - cannot exceed one hundred pages! This project will be able to make millionaires - thousands of thousands of people around the world, and not one corporation that will buy up the entire golden billion pages of the Book of Humanity - for resale in future generations. Purchase pages and leave them as a legacy to your children. Present them to your loved ones! Dedicate them to your parents and grandparents!

To Save Our Profiles + Files & Natural Genomes



To Save Your Profile + Files & Natural Genome



WHY NOT, IF A MANY-TIMES HUMAN LIFE - REALLY POSSIBLE - and all, without exception, the saved human master codes will soon become the main property of the planet Earth?! More valuable than gold and diamonds - than castles, planes, yachts and cars!

* All files may be needed to their Masters - for self-sapientization (©, 1999, I.J.Barbe) in the future, that's why the future is always unexpected!
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  Let's finally make this breakthrough!

ALL TOGETHER! And let's create, finally, the great next sequel to our common heritage, the legacy of the human mind, namely the wheel, electricity, atomic energy, space exploration, internet ...

Let's create the Book of Humanity, the ...


as a digital part of a storages of complete
analog-digital human Master-code®,

and then let's finally think together and about the long-awaited


As the main goal of the all human progress,

and only then, having done this, we will finally think about preserving the analogue part of the complete Master Code - a natural sample of the genome of each of us.

Join us - a journey into the future is possible!
It's just that everything will be completely different from what your teachers told you!

  Ladies and Gentlemen!
Any of our future must begin now with the free registration forever in the United Book of Humanity! And this is important because in this way it is possible to manifest the general will of humanity as a species - The will to the New Basic right of all reasonable persons:
To live again, again and again!"
/I.J. Barbe(h)

  1. Don't forget about your Parents!

(You can manage multiple pages in your Account! Including the pages of your Entire Family! Including all types of transfer of pages and codes, taking into account the regulations and places of their storage - up to one hundred pages!)

The world's first true pleasure of working in the network!

We've been thinking about this project for 25 years - about the ...

...project of a Many-times (reusable) human life. It is important to understand that over these 25 years in the field of IT technologies, more and more merged with bio-technologies - and after our breakthrough discoveries in biotechnology and philosophy (everything is on the menu) our main discovery in IT is the BOOK OF HUMANITY itself - and the scheme of a real 'Exegi monumentum' of each our users as absolutely endless funding from generation to generation. Like everything in this project, the search for this solution was also not quick. We have developed two dozen financing systems, and this won - the simplest and most accurate. It's really simple.

  No more than one file per/month can upload to your Page. For standart price in $2.00US for each file not more than 10 Mb in size.


And, as we realized once, if this process starts this process will not stop never in an any generations ...

Millions of people will always upload something very important to the BOOK OF HUMANITY. Thus ensuring the safety of your files, too - no dependence on corporations, crises, fools or thieves. New people (one Generation it's only 21.2 years) will always purchase pages on the FAIR and make their Profiles (named PAGE) on them- and retain the most valuable and important files permanently. Someone will be saved only one file in his entire life, someone for 12 files every year of life. But the address in the Book will remain forever with everyone. Even after death - nothing will be deleted! In 21 years (in 2041 or earlier if there is an explosive demand for platform services) it will be allowed to change the addresses of their pages in the Book of Humanity - to buy more expensive ones or sell them. This is a new era - a new investment instrument and we fundamentally do not want to launch it in this generation, in order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. If so, then this platform is the world's first public-social-communal-common-societal community (psccsc) - The really IT perpetual motion machine.

Just imagine (Let's say the year 5050) the world of the future in which Microsoft, Apple, Facebook have been gone more than 4000 years ago - they did their job and disappeared forever without leaving a even a little trace, but only trillions of far from endless human reserves spent on anything - ыtarting and ending the era of wild social nets - like endless garbage pits - and now, from thousands of years no one remembers a social networks of the 21st century and the first IT companies (because all their accounts were forcibly destroyed (deleted and erased) due to lack of funding), but all as one all their lives look at the business cards of people of all generations (perhaps picking up for family a future children with Player and Search Engine), and their small, but incredibly important and information-rich files become the property of societies and historians all over the world ..

Thousands of IT archeologists are "excavating" there! And also, for the sake of this we are working, perhaps - and those who will be born again according to their independently collected and saved full analog-digital Master-code®.

THE BOOK OF HUMANITY is a digital part of a full human Master Codes ...

As surprising as all this may sound - but all this is very, very similar to the truth. Once this great piece is launched, it will never stop again. THE BOOK OF HUMANITY is the only project of all modern projects - which will be used by all generations of people! Infinitely! And in a thousand and in a hundred thousand and in a million years! Join us! In the period from 2024 to 2034, the project will go public, offering the market the first billion of its shares. Secure your personal page in the BOOK OF HUMANITY as soon as possible! Buy others - they can be resale in a few years. They can be pledged in banks secured by loans! Leave it to children! Ok! Now the important thing. You can upload only one file per month to the Book! And you can not delete anything and anyone. Never! This is a new social format. And, perhaps, it will be the only one on the market. Because it will be impossible in principle to repeat it!

Accounts and the files of all other projects, believe to us, will inevitably be erased after your death ... Yes, today you are allowed to upload as many files for free as you want, but this is just a way of showing you ads here and now. Exactly in the amount in which you use these platforms. There will be no commercial advertising in the Book of Humanity, only social advertising - saving and protecting people!

In the Book of Humanity - Deleting files and things will be impossible in principle! Preservation forever is the main fundamental task of the Book. But - we get paid! And people of all generations will be pay their ONE DOLLAR during a millions of years! And will be work with the platform forever and without all forms of any wild ads! PLUS - we will not allow you to upload more than 12 files per year. Whoever you are! These rights are equal for everyone!!! Only all of humanity - all together can develop this project forever! We came up with over a thousand new ideas. Start exploring our products, but do not delay fixing forever your personal page. The best pages, those that are closest to the beginning of the BOOK (for example, Page 21 belongs to the Angel of our platform, she received it as a gift from the platform's founding husband for end-of-life sale and pages 778-799 for herself and their entire family), and even the most beautiful (for example, Page 777 belongs to the Author of our project himself) - all of them can be very end soon. Hurry up - while the -99% discount promo code is valid - for the first ones! Good luck! WE HAVE NOT BANNED PAGES! We love all of you! All of us! Be with us! Toeverforever!



The History should be Honest - and a Person must be born MANY, MANY, MANY TIMES - Again, Again & Again!

  All together, but every man for himself!


Our counters!Counters..

subscription protection that the Autobots can't handle - check it yourself
There will be a big queues someday!

Please - don't forget about your Parents, your Grandparents, your Loved ones, whom only you can help to become forever a Members of this community!
You Yourself! And no... no.. nobody else!

It is possible that today it is we and not someone else, and it is here, and not somewhere else - are doing the main and the most important business on the Earth!
≡ The Source of your Essence ≡

The Eternal Digital Source
of the Humans Essences

For the eternal self-sapientization©
from life to life!

We ask you to join us!

Because each number below really decreases the number of the death counter! And we want to start building a continental Master Codes Cold Vaults!

Purchased -99% PROMO:
And in the end Purchased Pages: 21


- STEP #2 - PayPal Auth. only for $5.00US for account activation with this really very big -99% Bonus only for the first ones (for 10 uses)!

≡ WITH US ! ≡

The Book of Eternal Storage of
Extremely Important Files

≡ The Vanity Fair of the Pages ≡

The Eternal Page of Each Person
in the Humanity Book

The Golden Million:

Paid & Very-Very expensive range:
F.e. page #1 = $5.00US + $1,000,000,000.00US

The Golden Billion:

Paid & expensive range:
$5.00US + $13.00US+

The Golden Billion Plus:

Paid & cheap range:
$5.00US (promo) + $3.00US (page)

There is no free pages In The Book of Humanity

The minimum price of the page in the Humanity Book with the personal promo in your account - $ 3.00US in the Ten billion plus range.

We recommend purchasing pages in the "Golden Billion" range: for only $ 22 for all pages in the range (with the -99% promo code only for $5.00US). If You are a rich - you can buy pages without discount! It will be right! And will be the part of Your New History!

  WE ARE ALL - THE UNIQUE ! But nobody protects or appreciates us! In the world of One-timers (disposable people) - we are all the same rubbish, like everything else!

We are all potentially - The Many-timers© (a reusable) !

Let's stop dying without saving our full A / D Master Code. This is stupid! It's wasteful! This is not promising! And it's not trendy!

Need to do everything possible and the impossible - but don't give to this death counter to count you and your loved ones! Incredible, but only 25 years ago, when our Founder Igor Josef Barbe(h) conceived this project first for himself and then for the main love of his life (the Angel) - it was impossible even to speak about it aloud - people ran away, sincerely believing that they had just talked to an idiot ... or a sick person ... 10 years ago, it start to be normal for 3% of One-timers© (disposables), but now, starting from the 2020, it's just stupid and not prudent in relation to the whole species - if you do not want to speak about this! We are all unique and we must all be born again, again and again! On Earth and beyond! This is one of the main meanings* of our entire existence - proposed to the World by the President of General DNA, Inc., 2010, and Replone, Inc., 2015, SF, CA / Moscow, RF.

The demand of developed societies for pages will grow 100 times in a 10 years, and the PROMO CODE will halve the discount. In 25 years, billions of people will have their personal eternal pages - primarily for presenting themselves in the "Book of Humanity" to their possible future NEW PARENTS, but also for keeping track of the storage locations of the analog parts of their "Master Codes "... Mass resale of pages will begin. Those people who invested little money at the start will receive fabulous profits and the most unique asset that can be exchanged for anything, not just money! A beautiful page will be more important and more expensive than a castle, an airplane, a yacht ... Pages, especially in the GOLDEN MILLION and GOLDEN BILLION ranges (and this is very small), will be presented to children at birth, the class of pages will be raised when a teenager comes of age, for a wedding for newlyweds, at the birth of grandchildren etc. Page number one - will be bought within 50 years for one billion dollars, but within another 50 years they will be resold at least twice at a price of five and in fifty times the original purchase price. Join us! Trust your intuition! Funding by people "BOOK OF HUMANITY" is the endless contribution of each generation to the world and to themselves, to their families and friends! In Replone Technologies (~Replay, ~alone, ~One) - with the help of which we can only leave the Earth when the time comes, because not a single living human body will ever overcome deep space! Good luck!


The only way for a species not to turn into a mestizos with one face for all men and women in 6000 years is to preserve unique Master codes for future new births by them a healthy boys and girls who once already lived!
Be Blessed Life! ®

To saving the world - is enough to save yourself! HUMANITYBOOK.COM®

Please! Start to think about saving
yours unigue full analog-digital


by our Replone Technologies
or by any others!


Analog-digital Master-code®:

The Digital Part - It's Yours Page in the Book of Humanity!

BeBlessed Life! ®


As a single it-address for everything and forever!

For digital source of your essence! And for many new developments

For Self-sapienization© during all your life!

With a probability of 99% and from life to life!

To save the most important files of your life and the lives of your parents! Limitation - only one paid file per month!

To save all yours secret files that will become available to mankind only a hundred years after uploading to the Book...

We have spent 25 years of daily, hard work just to understand a few simple questions. Now it's time for our users. It is possible that with our help, they will be able to sort out all these issues faster - for example, in 15 years for 97% of people and in one hour for 3%. People are not to blame: this is how society works and this is how the left hemisphere of our brain works ... This is normal!

1999 -

2010 -

2015 -
For the first
100,000,000 Customers - were created the system of a personal "promotional code" for the discount in -99% on the pages in any ranges.

USA Big Data Center

To saving the world - is enough to save yourself! HUMANITYBOOK.COM®
Choose you unique eternal personal Page in the "United Book of Humanity".

For $8.00US (5+3) for any not busy Page in the "ONE BILLION+" Range , for $18.00 (5+13) for any not busy Page in the "ONE MILLION+" Range and !!! up to $10,000,000,000US or more for the Page # 1 !

Can look our IT samples* and experiments from 2010-2019:

* All these years, working on the issues of collecting and preserving the analog part of the Human Master Code - we tried radically different solutions and for the digital part. Largely thanks to this work, which was not done in many ways for users - today a platform has emerged that can ideally solve the tasks assigned to it. This is for Historians! Don't waste your time!

"The New Right & Duty of HOMO SAPIENSE RECREATUS" or "The main $ 3.00US (2+1) Lifetime shopping" for you and for the millions of the wisest person - please do not forget about your parents and grandparents!

The right to a personal page of each in the United Book of Humanity and the main obligation of Life: to collect and save our full analog-digitl Master-Code® by Replone Technologies or by any others - for a possible new birth!

SEARCH & BUY AN ACTUAL ON Wednesday 6th of July 2022 11:03:12 PM / Date & Time from USA Big Data Center: ANY FREE PAGE IN THE BOOK OF HUMANITY:


Join us!

-=iamque opus exige=-

All big - starts from small! But all the Great - FROM THE WILL! Since Will, unlike Instincts, begins from Reason! And the Great is available only to Reason! That is why the future is always unexpected! Don't trust anyone! In the world of disposable people - the truth, to you personally, - no one will tell! You can only believe your feelings, your heart, your mind! If you are have they! ... and if hunger and poverty have not finally turned you back into an animal whiling away its days in search of warmth and food - from birth to death - which no one will notice! Join our movements - and it will change! Life and work will make sense!

I.J.Barbe(h), "INTERESTS", © 2002-2022
President of the General DNA Inc., from 2010,
One of the owner of the Replone Inc., SF, CA, from 2015
P.S. Who knows us better than the we ourselves?
We promise to you - all of this will be very interesting!
And not only about how a mens to collect and dry sperm ... But and about that - too ...

Look: The Brief Synopsis of the Big Book (700 pp.)

To saving the world - is enough to save yourself! HUMANITYBOOK.COM®
The main internal goal of humanity is to remain as different as possible!
We are working for this! Join us!



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