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BUY - RESELL - ACCUMULATE - SATURATE WITH INFO & SAVE FOREVER without the ability to delete files by anyone, ever!

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Accumulate and giving pages to a family is profitable!
After all, any purchased pages are your and your family's eternal asset!
Which will always only go up in price as a unique address from Generation to Generation!
And also .... and here honesty is needed - find sincere consolation in preserving your pages - attaching them with your own hands and will to specific people! Make out of each page a small but sincere the eternal monument to this person - yourself, your parents and loved ones! Do not hesitate for a minute - all our human-made Monuments will be collected, as a result, into one majestic monument to all Humanity, in the BOOK OF HUMANITY!

We are not afraid and will not fight the fact that one person may end up with many pages - future generations will bring them to a common denominator - you can open and administer a page to any person you know or don't know, to any person you like or dislike, to any person you appreciate or hate - it's your right to leave your truth about any of us in any form you wish - anonymous or personalized! 99 billion pages of the first version of the portal - allow us to entrust people with the collection and preservation of the truth that we have never collected and preserved! TOEVERFOREVER!

And Humanity, in turn, will do everything possible and impossible for each of us to preserve this monument and this repository - forever and ever on Earth and beyond! Please keep only the most honest, the most important and the most valuable, only the present - something for which you will not be ashamed either today, not tomorrow, not in a million years! Do not lie about yourself and tell the truth about a bad people on your pages! The future will severely punish us for any of our mistakes! Admit yourself while you are alive, and apologize in your files sincerely and repeatedly to all those whom you offended or at whose expense you climbed up (even if only in your secret files that will be revealed to people and legal institutions only after 50 or 100 years) - otherwise, in the future, you may be covered by the retribution of these people left them for historians on their personal pages. It is very important!

After all, for a very long time, Humanity will have only this one platform for the truth! THE HUMANITYBOOK.COM® There are thousands of pluses and not a single minus in the creation of the United Book of Humanity! Because we must all fight for each other to the last Mig! And now we have a tool for that! In order to make the frequency of life of a Many-times persons billions of times more important to them than money, power and fame - the companions of One-timers! And also in order to start sending our United "CodeShips" created by all Humanity to the exoplanets! TOEVERFOREVER! There is no point in settling for anything less! Find & Choose your own place on the spaceship - called "LIFE"! And don't forget about Parents!

Svetlana Barbe(h) Co-owner. Pages owner: 21 (sells for 42M USD/2022) and the main 1000000 (eternal). World's first user.


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